Rand Paul for Senate Releases New TV Ad: “Bridges”

LOUISVILLE, KY  - Today, Rand Paul for Senate 2016 released a new television ad entitled “Bridges,” which will run on Kentucky television. The ad focuses on Dr. Rand Paul’s fight to keep our hard earned tax dollars here at home, rather than sending them overseas to countries that persecute Christians and burn our flag. 
Dr. Paul has been a leading voice and advocate on the issue of prioritizing Kentucky’s needs ahead of foreign countries. 
In 2012 he introduced an amendment to strip foreign aid from Pakistan, Egypt, and Libya, and instead use that money to benefit our Veterans and reduce our federal debt. In 2013, he proposed an amendment to redirect $1.5 Billion in proposed aid to Egypt back to the U.S. for transportation projects. That was in addition to trying to prevent the sale of advanced weapons to Egypt, a country with an incredibly volatile political situation.
This year he forced a vote on a resolution of disapproval on the sale of $700 million worth of fighter jets to Pakistan, as we have no business sending hundreds of millions of dollars overseas when Kentuckians are struggling in this economy and our roads and bridges are in need of repair. Most recently, he forced a vote in the Senate to try and block a $1.15 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia.
In 2015 he reached across the aisle to work with Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) on the bipartisan Invest in Transportation Act to help fund new construction and repair by lowering the repatriation rate, and earlier this year he introduced an amendment to use excess foreign aid money for transportation projects here at home. 
Additionally, it highlights Dr. Paul’s Economic Freedom Zone plan to create jobs in Kentucky. Economic Freedom Zones are areas of reduced taxes and regulations, and increased incentives for businesses. They empower communities by leveraging the human capital, natural resources and business investment opportunities that already exist. By slashing the federal tax rate to 5 percent for a 10-year period in these areas, we can incentivize more businesses to locate in our struggling communities and provide more jobs and opportunities. 
"I refuse to stand idly by while Kentuckians' hard earned tax dollars are spent overseas on countries who hate us while we don't have enough money to take care of our own roads and bridges here at home. I've stood up for Kentucky time and again in the Senate on this issue and I will continue to do so, because we must put Kentucky, not foreign countries, first"
 said Dr. Paul.​
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