Rand Paul's Statement on Director Comey's Decision

Today the FBI announced Hillary Clinton violated classified procedures, carelessly and recklessly endangered national security - and had done so repeatedly, over 100 times. The FBI then announced she would face no charges. This is an outrage and the rule of law has been turned upside down.

This weekend, we learned former President Clinton met with the Obama Administration Attorney general - the FBI director's boss - in private.

Three days later the FBI director announces no charges are being brought against Hillary Clinton. The appearance is terrible. The decision is astounding. People have gone to jail for less severe breaches of classified information and national security. Today Director Comey and the Obama Administration Department of Justice made it clear to the American people, and all those being unfairly prosecuted by the DOJ, that there is no accountability, no justice, and the Clintons are allowed to live by a different set of rules. This is a loss for the rule of law and further degrades Americans' faith in the justice system.

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