Senate Passes Dr. Rand Paul's Amendment on Behalf of Kentucky's Lake Cumberland Communities

LOUISVILLE, KY -- Today, the U.S. Senate passed Dr. Rand Paul's amendment to S. 2848, the Water Resource Development Act (WRDA), to ensure Kentuckians who depend on Lake Cumberland as a water source do not have to pay user fees.
For two years after becoming law, Dr. Paul's amendment would prevent the Army Corps of Engineers from charging 11 cities and businesses a one time user fee, as well as an annual operation and maintenance fee, to access the water in Lake Cumberland. 
The study that the Army Corps of Engineers is currently conducting regarding water reallocation and subsequent fees has been a much debated issue for Lake Cumberland's surrounding communities. 
This amendment and its passage is the not the first action Dr. Paul has taken regarding this issue. After first hearing of the Corps' study, Dr. Paul organized a conference call with local officials and residents to discuss what he could do to help. He introduced a similar amendment to a separate bill earlier this year, but it did not end up being included in the final bill. 
Not giving up on the issue, Dr. Paul once again filed an amendment this week, this time to the WRDA. Today his amendment passed, and the WRDA went on to pass the Senate by a vote of 95-3. 
Today's victory for Kentuckians in the Lake Cumberland area communities is just one of many actions Dr. Paul has taken on behalf of the people he represents and highlights the steadfast commitment he has to being a strong voice in the Senate and always standing for Kentucky.

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