Statement from Sen. Paul on Today's Report of More KY Coal Job Losses

LOUISVILLE, KY – Rand Paul for Senate 2016 released the following statement from U.S. Senator Rand Paul in response to this morning’s report citing another 1501 coal jobs lost in Kentucky in the last three months alone: 
“As Kentucky’s hardworking coal miners and their families continue to endure the very real and devastating effects of the Obama-Clinton War on Coal, I doubt they are excited to have the person who promised to put them out of work personally rubbing her anti-coal, anti-Kentucky agenda in their faces today. Hillary Clinton’s apology is long overdue, and I am calling on her to apologize today, and in person, as she faces the Kentuckians suffering under her War on Coal,” Sen. Paul said.
You can view the report in detail HERE
In case you missed it, last week Sen. Paul called on Hillary Clinton to apologize for her brazen comments promising to put coal miners out of work as she opened War on Coal Command Centers across Kentucky. 
You can view that video HERE.

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