Thank You Kentucky!

I want to thank Kentucky voters for voting for me today. I will continue to fight to balance the budget, to spend only what comes in, and to quit sending our hard earned tax dollars overseas. To keep jobs in Kentucky, to keep our jobs from being shipped overseas, we need lower tax rates to allow American businesses to compete.  Jobs will stay in America when we once again make America a good place to do business. We must stop the borrowing and spending. We now have a 19 trillion dollar debt. We borrow a million dollars every minute. Economists argue that we lose a million jobs each year because of the burden of this debt. Even with this enormous debt, politicians continue to send your hard earned dollars overseas. Congress spent more than a hundred billion dollars on infrastructure in Afghanistan. It’s high time we consider what is best for Kentucky. It’s high time we put Kentucky first. Tonight I pledge to keep up the fight for balanced budgets, and American jobs, and an end to the War on Coal. Thank you for your vote today, on to victory in November.

Paid for by Rand Paul for US Senate 2016