Date: October 25, 2022

LOUISVILLE, KY – On Tuesday, October 25, 2022, Dr. Rand Paul released his tenth campaign TV ad which features testimony from Navada and Krista Gwynn, who in 2019 lost their son to a drive-by shooting in Louisville, and then in 2021 experienced the trauma of their daughter being shot in the knee at a city park, also in Louisville.

“Meant Everything”

Background Information:

Dr. Rand Paul released a 30 second TV ad which features testimony from Navada and Krista Gwynn, parents of 19 year old Christian Gwynn, who was tragically killed in a drive-by shooting in Louisville in 2019, and then in 2021 experienced the trauma of their 19 year old daughter being shot in the knee at a city park also in Louisville.

As the ad begins, the Gwynns recall their personal experience of violence in Louisville, “I lost my son and almost lost my daughter to violence. To lose someone so young was so horrible.”

The ad continues with the Gwynns discussing Dr. Paul’s efforts to meet with families of violence and work with them, community leaders, and law enforcement to solve rising crime rates across Kentucky, “Rand Paul stood there and listened, and I felt good that somebody cared. My son wasn’t just a statistic. Rand Paul cares about people, above politics and parties…Rand Paul is working to make my community better.”

During Dr. Paul’s time in the U.S. Senate, he has worked closely with community leaders like Christopher 2X and his Game Changers program that promotes childhood education, parental involvement, mentoring and community involvement to end violence long term.

Dr. Paul has also worked with UofL Health Surgeons and Christopher 2X on their Future Healers and Got Zoo Buddies programs that aim to encourage youth in the neighborhoods most affected by violence to pursue lives of healing.

Additional Background:

Navada and Krista Gwynn were also featured in Dr. Paul’s ninth campaign ad titled Strife that focused on Democrat Charles Booker, in his own words, advocating to defund the police. In the ad Strife, the Gwynns advocate for law enforcement in their community as a tool to help stop violence in Louisville, “There’s people out here like me that need the police and Charles Booker is not the answer.”

Those on the radical left continue to call for defunding the police while crime rises across the Commonwealth. Louisville ranks amongst some of our nation’s largest cities including Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and Chicago for record high homicides and violent crime. Defunding the police isn’t the answer and most Kentuckians can agree that it isn’t very popular.

Dr. Paul has been a consistent advocate for the law enforcement community, and also recently received the unanimous endorsement of the Kentucky Fraternal Order of Police. Dr. Paul also has gained support and the endorsements of over 20 Sheriffs across the Commonwealth.

As a Senator for Kentucky, Dr. Paul has always stood for Kentucky values which includes standing against the Defund the Police movement, and any radical liberal attempt to tear down our country.