BOWLING GREEN, KY – On Wednesday, October 5, 2022, Dr. Rand Paul released his fifth, sixth, and seventh campaign TV ads which focus on his well-established record of helping Kentuckians and his long-standing commitment to public service on behalf of communities across the Commonwealth.




Background Information:

Dr. Rand Paul released three 30 second TV ads featuring the work that he has done to help families struck by the floods in Eastern Kentucky and tornadoes in Western Kentucky, as well as our veterans across the Commonwealth.

As the ads show, Dr. Paul has consistently put Kentuckians as his highest priority and has been there to assist when they’ve needed him most.

Since the beginning of this year, Dr. Paul’s Bowling Green office alone has answered over 12,500 phone calls. They’ve helped over 2,700 Kentuckians who needed assistance dealing with federal agencies.

More about his work on Disaster Relief:

As a resident of Western Kentucky, Dr. Paul knows first hand the devastation from the tornadoes. While his own home wasn’t far from where one of the tornadoes passed through in Bowling Green, as soon as it was safe to do so, he immediately began working with local, state, and federal officials on the recovery efforts. And when the floods struck Eastern Kentucky, Dr. Paul’s team again mobilized and were among the first on site looking for ways to help the community get on the road to recovery.

His state staff have conducted five visits to the disaster areas in both Eastern and Western Kentucky to help Kentuckians in need. Dr. Paul has personally conducted over a dozen local visits to areas impacted by the natural disasters on either side of the state.

Dr. Paul has always fought to protect tax dollars from going towards wasteful spending overseas and instead prioritize them for needs here in Kentucky. Most recently, he’s been outspoken against sending money to Ukraine while Kentuckians continue to recover from flooding and tornadoes here at home. And, in an effort to respond to the ongoing needs and concerns of Kentuckians on the ground in Eastern Kentucky, Dr. Paul advocated for unspent COVID-19 relief funds to be used to help repair and rebuild homes and businesses in all federally declared disaster areas.

In addition to his work that he’s conducted in his official capacity, Dr. Paul has also donated $120,000 in campaign funds to local charities and organizations devoted to helping Kentucky families recover from these disasters.

More about his work on Veterans Issues:

Dr. Paul knows the importance of our veterans and their role in keeping America safe and that’s why he’s fought for them here at home. In total, both he and his team have assisted over 500 veterans, widows, and/or families this year alone.

Dr. Paul and his staff have also worked with veterans and the families of veterans to locate medals and honors that they can use to remember the life, legacy, and services of their loved ones.

In addition to his work with veterans, Dr. Paul has also focused on bringing in a new generation of military leaders, helping to guide 200 young men and women through the military service academy process.